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Sugar’s effects on your health

28 May

DID YOU KNOW…The average American consumes an astounding 2-3 pounds of sugar each week, which is not surprising considering that highly refined sugars in the forms of sucrose (table sugar), dextrose (corn sugar), and high-fructose corn syrup are being processed into so many foods such as bread, breakfast cereal, mayonnaise, peanut butter, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and a plethora of microwave mealsIn the last 20 years, we have increased sugar consumption in the U.S. 26 pounds to 135 lbs. of sugar per person per year! Prior to the turn of this century (1887-1890), the average consumption was only 5 lbs. per person per year! Cardiovascular disease and cancer was virtually unknown in the early 1900’s.The “glycemic index” is a measure of how a given food affects blood-glucose levels, with each food being assigned a numbered rating. The lower the rating, the slower the absorption and digestion process, which provides a more gradual, healthier infusion of sugars into the bloodstream. On the other hand, a high rating means that blood-glucose levels are increased quickly, which stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin to drop blood-sugar levels. These rapid fluctuations of blood-sugar levels are not healthy because of the stress they place on the body.One of sugar’s major drawbacks is that it raises the insulin level, which inhibits the release of growth hormones, which in turn depresses the immune system. This is not something you want to take place if you want to avoid disease.An influx of sugar into the bloodstream upsets the body’s blood-sugar balance, triggering the release of insulin, which the body uses to keep blood-sugar at a constant and safe level. Insulin also promotes the storage of fat, so that when you eat sweets high in sugar, you’re making way for rapid weight gain and elevated triglyceride levels, both of which have been linked to cardiovascular disease. Complex carbohydrates tend to be absorbed more slowly, lessening the impact on blood-sugar levels.


The no sugar Challenge!! :]]

28 May

Lately I have been stocking up on the “sugar” (A.K.A. eating too many deserts) Results from eating way too many sweets:

  • 10 pound weight gain in one month :[[
  • my body just feels really “heavy”
  • sleeping less
  • pants fitting a little…more like WAY to tight for my liking!
  • since I don’t feel so good I’m not exercising as much
  • etc…

~So I am pledging to eat NO sweets…(anything candy, chocolate, ice cream etc…)

I did this last year and I lost a boat-load of weight!!

Anyone who wants to try with me…just leave a comment pledging that you will not eat sweets for 1 whole week!

Sugar Rush!

28 May

Today I was having a major sugar craving so I went to my pantry!! Behold my lifesaver!!IMG_3292


They are SO good!! There are about 5 ingredients in them! Just the way I like it!! :]] So let me explain them… they are whole grain (YAY!), they have 5 ingredients (YAY!!X2), and they are filled with chocolatey hazlenut goodness!!!(YAY!!!X3!!)    

p.s. they are from Trader Joe’s!!    THANK YOU TRADER JOE’S!!


Another thing I discovered a while ago at my local “Great Harvest” bakery was this magical cookie:


DARN!! You can’t see the cookie very well. But anyways. It is an organic spelt chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookie!! It is to die for!! It is so delicious!! And it was freshley baked THAT DAY!!! I usually get my favorite spelt bread at that bakery so I go there about once a week or so!  Check out their website:

There is one in almost every state! So go find one near you!! 

-Julie :]] 

My 1st Post!!! :]]

28 May

                   So today I was starving and I decided to do some smoothie experimenting!! You may not know, but I love making smoothies. They are fast, nutritional, and packed with the vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs everyday!! :]] 

I went into the kitchen determined to spice up my smoothie! I went to the refrigerator and looked through the drawers and HA! There it was!! Broccoli! So here are the ingredients: p.s. I use all frozen fruit!! :]]

  • 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt (I use Nancy’s Organic Vanilla)
  • 1/2 cup (or 7) mango cubes 
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries
  •  1/4 cup+ 1/8 cup Raspberries
  • 1/2 orange (yes- the whole orange…minus the peel!)
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 1 cup chopped raw broccoli!!!
  • 1 1/2 tsp. ground flax seed
  • Ice 

Julie’s Rating: 4/5 stars              

*The reason why it was 4/5 stars was because the broccoli kind of threw me off from my usual berry smoothie. I couldn’t really notice the broccoli THAT much. I think just the physcological thought that it’s there. It was quite good though…I must say!! Now I am energized and ready to go on with my day!! Maybe I will do the nutritional info a little later!

I was going to take a picture and post it but I drank it before I had the idea of starting this blog!! Hehe!!

I hope you enjoy this and have a SUNNY day!! :]]  ..oh..and please comment me saying you have read this!! Even if you didn’t try it I want to see if anyone has read this!! :]]


Oh..and don’t forget to “Taste The Rainbow!!”