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Sugar Rush!

28 May

Today I was having a major sugar craving so I went to my pantry!! Behold my lifesaver!!IMG_3292


They are SO good!! There are about 5 ingredients in them! Just the way I like it!! :]] So let me explain them… they are whole grain (YAY!), they have 5 ingredients (YAY!!X2), and they are filled with chocolatey hazlenut goodness!!!(YAY!!!X3!!)    

p.s. they are from Trader Joe’s!!    THANK YOU TRADER JOE’S!!


Another thing I discovered a while ago at my local “Great Harvest” bakery was this magical cookie:


DARN!! You can’t see the cookie very well. But anyways. It is an organic spelt chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookie!! It is to die for!! It is so delicious!! And it was freshley baked THAT DAY!!! I usually get my favorite spelt bread at that bakery so I go there about once a week or so!  Check out their website:


There is one in almost every state! So go find one near you!! 

-Julie :]]